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Monday, March 28, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

Easter is coming fast, and I couldn't be more excited! Easter to me is one of the best holidays! I like to think of it as the kick off to spring.  Everything is fresh and new, and we get out of the winter blues FINALLY! Easter is the time when we get together with family, celebrate the reason for the holiday, and create memories for our kids.  I know some of my best memories were Easter egg hunts at grandma's, and going to the public hunts where you try to win big prizes.  I try to do memorable things with my own kids so they can look back on fond memories when they are grown up.

Some really fun things to do with your kids for Easter can be cheap or some even free! The best Easter tradition has got to be decorating eggs.  As a kid, I remember our mom setting out all sorts of different colors, and we had so much fun decorating our own eggs.  If you want to make a cool design, use a white crayon when you start, and when you dye it you will see the design! These little things are easy to do, even with small kids, and you can eat the eggs later!

And the second best tradition is hunting for the Easter eggs. I recommend using plastic eggs, because you don't want to lose an egg and let it go bad! Kids love looking for the eggs and opening them to see what goodies there are.  I know a family who would put money in a golden and silver egg, and the kid who finds it wins the money.  I like the method of having the kids name on the egg, so everyone gets the same thing and if you find an egg that isn't yours, leave it.  My grandma also would make us a scavenger hunt for our Easter basket.  That was more fun than finding the eggs!  She did the best clues and it was a tradition I looked forward to every year!

In our town we have a big Easter Egg hunt you get to do at a local park.  It costs money to go in, but you can score some really great prizes and it's fun to go to those types of events.  There are other Easter Egg hunts that are free in the area, so it's a good idea to check your town for free events.  We have one at a retirement home, and its free and so much fun! They offer snacks and drinks and divide the hunts into different age groups.

Finally, I love having dinner with family.  It is a special day for a reason, and I think dinner is a great way to celebrate that reason.  We enjoy wonderful food and each others company.  This is something I think every family should do for the holiday.  Often we are so busy in our day to day lives that we miss out on the family gathering, so we make the effort to do it during these special days. 

These are just some of the things I love about Easter!  Share with me what you love about Easter!
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