The Scent

Celebrating and liberating the natural curves of a woman’s body is Apple Bottoms’ mission. This unique brand is the mastermind of multi-platinum superstar Nelly. He describes the intent behind the design by saying, “A woman should not try to fit the clothes; the clothes should fit the woman!”
Apple Bottoms by Nelly fragrance also wanted to capture the vitality and spirit of the Apple Bottoms woman… a woman who celebrates who she is, where she comes from and makes no apologies. Glamorous, Sexy, Bold and Addictively Intriguing!!
From the creators of the Apple Bottoms Scent:

“We wanted to create a fragrance that would be special and mysterious as each layer unfolds. Thinking of a woman forever young at heart, yet still owning a signature sensuality and femininity that evolves on each woman’s skin, never to be duplicated. The blend is fun and alluring; bold at first with hints of delicacy in the background. We aimed for a fragrance to be accepted by a wide range of women, all unique in their own way, with hand-picked notes that exemplify a woman’s many beautiful qualities.
We found our inspiration around the apple blossoms, and built a beautiful bouquet of transparent florals mingled with tropical fruits and drizzled with succulent nectar, all wrapped with golden amber, musk and vanilla.
An addictive blend, captivating and undeniably sexy.”