Frugal Family Fun: New Look-for me and my blog!

Monday, March 1, 2010

New Look-for me and my blog!


I am not always a big fan of change.  It can be good but sometimes its just plain scary. Like my hair.  If any of you are my friends or former classmates, you probably remember me for my crazy hair.  Big, poofy, frizzy, and out of control.  Being called names like afro, poodle, and frizzball were daily occurrences.  Well, fast forward to now.  Over the years of course I learned how to control it, style it and make it look normal.  I have had the same hair style since I met my husband-long,curly, kind of frizzy and usually up in a ponytail.  It was too long to wear down cause it just got in the way.  6 1/2 years later, I decided to go for it and change to a whole new style!! I chopped my hair to midway between my shoulders and my chin.  I look like a whole new person and I feel great! I guess this is how they feel when you go on TV and get a makeover! You feel refreshed and beautiful!  The best part is I can do so much with it and instead of being so curly like when I was younger, my hair has turned wavy.  So I am feeling fabulous,even if it is Monday!! ☺ 

You may have also noticed changes to the blog! We changed the color scheme to a brighter color (although of course its still pink!!) and added some great ads and sponsor ads!!  We are really growing now, so thank you to all the great supporters who have shared our blog via twitter, facebook and your own blogs!! It is great and I am having fun!! Keep entering the contests because this week we will have some really big ones coming!!!


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