Frugal Family Fun: Husky Tools 13-Piece Powertek™ Precision Cordless Screwdriver Set Review

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Husky Tools 13-Piece Powertek™ Precision Cordless Screwdriver Set Review

I may not be the most handy mom in the world, but I have used a drill and stuff like that in my day. I like power tools, makes me feel like a bad mamajama.  Pretty much if it sounds powerful it must be so.  I love the Husky Tools 13-Piece Powertek™ Precision Cordless Screwdriver Set.

This handy screwdriver is small yet powerful.  It does the work of screwing and unscrewing just about anything, with 13 different pieces to fit all sorts of sizes. I really liked using this screwdriver and the heads were easy to change.  I was able to do many different jobs, like changing batteries in toys and putting a picture on the wall.  The screwdriver is strong enough to do some screwing in walls.
13-Piece Powertek™ Precision Cordless Screwdriver Set - ($9.88)

* Easy to Grip, Soft Touch, Forward and Reverse Precision Cordless Screwdriver Set
* Ideal for Toys, Electronics, Eyeglasses, Hobbies, Crafts and More
* Contains 12 Multiple Use Mini Bits with a Single Tool Design
* Includes Easy Use Bit Storage Case
* Ready to Use with 2 - AAA Batteries

*Guaranteed Forever

At $9.88 this is a total steal! This makes a great gift or something to have around the house! Why strain your wrist when you can get the tool to do it by itself! Check it out for yourself! You can click here and buy it now!

I was given the above mentioned product in exchange for a review on my blog. I was not obligated to give a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.  Photos from Husky.  


  1. I know cordless screwdriver essential power tool for any home. It was a great power tool Working with wood, plastic, concrete, and metals. A cordless screwdriver is compact and convenient to use anywhere.

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  2. The Husky 13-piece PowerTek Precision Screwdriver Set is a great addition to any tool set. It is also handy to have around the house for various jobs. This screwdriver has a soft touch forward and reverse switch, ergonomic design and comes with 12 different bits to works great with small appliances, small devices and most precise jobs


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