Frugal Family Fun: 10 Tips for finding great travel deals!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

10 Tips for finding great travel deals!

We don't get to take as many vacations as I like, but when we do I am always looking for the best ways to save.  Here are my top 10 tips to finding great deals when you travel!:

1-Take time to find the best hotel deals.  There are many great sites where you can find amazing prices. I have even found prices online and called the hotel directly, and gotten them to take the online price. They prefer doing this because they get all the money, instead of having to pay a fee to the website.  This got me $50 off a night in a 4 star hotel suite in Seattle!

2-Find coupons and deals at local restaurants.  I love using to find deals on their gift certificates.  I also was able to find Chuck E Cheese coupons for our last visit there.  There are always deals and discounts, you just have to look or ask! Another great one is kids eat free.  That is a way to get me in the door!

3-Look for free activities for your family.  The great thing about larger cities is there are more things to do-and some of them are free! Then you can do fun things even on a budget! You can find listings online for local freebies!

4-Join Savvy Source for free activities! You get a weekly email with a great deal for something to do in all sorts of major cities! Each week you can something new and exciting with your kids! And no having to hunt for deals when they get sent to your inbox!

5-Join Groupon for more great deals!  Restaurants, Salons and Events up to 90% off! Find deals in your city or the city you are visiting! This is great for family or business trips! And again, you can deals sent right to your email!

6- Get coupons from Cellfire - Digital Coupons Cellfire is the premier destination for valuable savings on groceries, shopping, restaurants, and entertainment.  Save on local deals or search for a destination. This is great for a wide variety of money saving offers!

7-Check out Join Now to receive coupons, Freebies, samples, and more specially picked for Women.  Get  great savings on retail and more!

8- Find out the best way to get there. When my husband went to North Dakota with a friend, they spent over $500 to get there.  That was gas and some food. We later learned they could have bought a train ticket for $117 one way and then bought food. Would have saved tons of money on that trip! So it is best to consider all the alternatives before planning your trip.

9- Go during down times of the year.  Don't plan a trip to Disney at Christmas and expect great deals.  If you want to save, go during the times of year when the least amount of people go.  January is a great time of year to travel because there are less travelers after the holidays.  There are usually better deals available to get you in the door. 

10-And finally number 10! My best tip is to always plan ahead!! I spend several weeks researching the area I will be in, to find local events, dining and more that we can afford.  Then I know what to expect when we arrive and can enjoy the trip! Planning ahead is the best way to get deals when you travel!

So the next time you travel consider these 10 tips and save some money! You will be glad you did!!

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