Frugal Family Fun: scünci® bendini™ clips Review

Monday, July 11, 2011

scünci® bendini™ clips Review

With 3 girls plus myself in the house,its pretty safe to say we go through our fair share of hair accessories. Seems like there is always somebody wanting a "pretty" in her hair. My youngest loves the  scünci® bendini™ clips!! They are super cute and very easy to use…..just bend and snap!   

Perfect for prom, wedding, communion or just to add a bit of sparkle to hair any day, we are introducing the new scünci® bendini™ clips! This high fashion hair jewelry adds instant glam in two easy steps, and works on almost any hair length and texture. The scünci bendini is available in three different sizes and a variety of styles, including jeweled crystals, colorful beads and metallics.  It’s also available in the special scünci “girl” line designed especially for the little beauties in your life.

To use the scünci bendini clip, start with gathering your hair in the desired style.  Slide the bendini comb into the hair, and bend and snap it securely in place for an all-day hold. To see how it works, visit

My youngest likes to wear 2 of the  scünci “girl” clips in either pink or purple, with one clip on each side to hold back her long hair!  She looks very cute and they stay in all day long! I like that the clips give such a secure hold with out a whole lot of effort! This is a stylish yet function able product!  These are also very affordable, at only $14.99 for the whole collection! Click here to order yours now!


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