Frugal Family Fun: Tips For Making Life Easier!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tips For Making Life Easier!

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I am all about taking a break and having my latte, but sometimes I just don't have the time!  Life is pretty crazy now a days and it can stress even the most calm and collected person out! Every one needs a break now and then or a way to break a way.  That's why I am here sharing my tips to make your life even a little bit easier!  Check them out!:

1-Find time for yourself! That is my #1 thing I suggest you do if you want to keep your sanity!! Even if it means hiding out in the bathroom with the door locked for 5 minutes while you blast your favorite song, DO IT.  You need at least a few minutes to yourself, so don't feel guilty for taking it.

2-Take advantage of down time! When the little ones are asleep, then you can tackle household chores. At work, if you finish your stuff early, go on to the next project and get ahead!

3-Plan your meals ahead.  I go out once a week for the shopping and plan for my meals that week.  Breakfast and lunches are usually pretty easy, and so mainly I plan out the main dishes and sides for dinner all week. It saves money and time this way!

4-Prepare meals ahead of time for later! This can be as easy as putting the desired ingredients in a casserole dish and putting it in the fridge for dinner.  I like to prepare the sides ahead of time or chop veggies and store them for a quick meal.

5-Get enough sleep at night. And make sure your whole family does.  Nobody can function properly when they are lacking sleep. Keeping on a good sleep routine will give you more energy for the day!

6-Get some exercise!! Walk the dog with the kids, go for a bike ride, do yoga-just do SOMETHING! It is crucial to stay active for your health and longevity.  You will look better and feel better!

7-Eat healthy!  I am surprised at how much I actually like healthy foods!! Vegetables are really good especially if you know how to cook them! I also love whole wheat products, especially sandwich thins and tortillas! Your body works better when it has the proper nutrients.

8-Treat yourself to something every now and then.  Get yourself a latte or a new purse!  You do everything for everyone, so don't forget to do a little something for yourself too!

9-Don't sweat the little stuff. So the house isn't perfectly clean.  Your kids deserve your time more. You can always finish the dishes once they go to sleep.  There will be time for it later.

10-Get your family to eat dinner together.  You will get to know your kids better and have a better bond overall.  It is really important to spend time together, and dinner is one of the best times.

So next time you are feeling stressed out, remember these tips and try to reach a little zen!  I'm sure you will feel a lot better-and finally be able to enjoy that latte!!

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