Frugal Family Fun: 10 Reasons Why I Want To Visit Virginia Beach

Monday, July 11, 2011

10 Reasons Why I Want To Visit Virginia Beach

Summer time is here, and I have already hit the road in search of a new adventure! I drove over 1200 miles from my hometown in Washington state all the way to southern California to be with my husband's family! Then next month we are off to Nevada to move into our new house! I believe that summer time is all about new things and new adventures! I have had lots of firsts this past week and I can't wait to create tons of great memories out here on the west coast! But something I wish I could do this summer would be to go to Virginia Beach! They have so many great things for families, its the best place to spend your summer vacation! In fact, I have 10 reasons why I want to visit Virgina Beach!

1. First of all, I want to go to spend some time on the beach! I recently took my kids to the ocean for the first time and its so much fun to watch your kids delight and squeal at the waves, finding sand crabs and just playing on the beach! Virgina Beach is absolutely gorgeous and so much fun for the whole family!

2. I am fascinated by light houses, and there are some great ones to be seen! I have always wanted to go inside and climb to the top! This would be a fun experience that even the kids would love!   They are just beautiful and really unique!

3. I have never been to any kind of aquarium, so I think the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center would be a fun way to spend the day! I have always wanted to see all sorts of amazing marine life up close and this would be the perfect opportunity!

4. And of course since I love marine life, what would my trip be without a dolphin watch?? I have never gotten to see a dolphin, even while on my cruise in the caribbean. *sigh* so I decided that
naturally I would have to look for dolphin while visiting Virginia Beach!

5. I am dying to go boogie boarding!! I recently went for my first time and I must say I did pretty dang good!! I learned how to ride to the shore and when to catch the wave! It was an experience I won't soon forget!  I think it would be so much fun to boogie board in the Atlantic Ocean!

6. Another fun thing I would love to try would be para sailing!! I have never done it but I'm not afraid of heights (too much....) so it would be a fun thing to do with my husband! Of course, its not for the whole family, but it would be fun for the kids to see mom or dad way up there!

7.  I have been kayaking and LOVE it! But I haven't done it out on the ocean, and I think it would be a beautiful trip! Kayaking is not only relaxing but its a good workout for the arms! I would love to hit the ocean in a kayak and enjoy the view!

8. They have GREAT places to eat! I LOVE seafood, and you can get some of the BEST seafood dishes right there in Virginia Beach! I would love to have some real amazing food and tickle my taste buds!!

9. I want to renew my vows on the beach! Hawaii is a bit expensive for my blood, but doing a beach wedding at Virginia Beach would be a beautiful and memorable celebration! I would love to do something special like this to commemorate the eternal bond between my husband and myself!

10. The best reason I want to go-to give my  kids some amazing memories. I never got to go do exciting things like the ones I have mentioned, and I think that these types of family adventures are what make your child hood so memorable. I want my kids to have something exciting to say when they go back to school in September and the teacher asks, "What did you do this summer?"! Making memories is what life is ALL about!

So there you have 10 amazing reasons to check out Virginia Beach this summer! Check out for more information today!

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