Frugal Family Fun: Winners for 5 Contests!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Winners for 5 Contests!!

After a wonderful birthday week with my daughter, I have returned to my blog refreshed and ready to go! School starts next week for my daughter and life is going to (hopefully) settle down a bit!!

So I have 5 contests to announce today! With no further ado, here are the winners!!:
For the Truo'fles Cosmetics Mascara:

MoMoKG064 said... 8
i follow @truofles on twitter @momo064

For the Barkoff Sonic Trainer

Ashley Elaine said... 34
I have 3 very loud dogs, we live in a wooded area so they bark at animals such as deer and rabbits and everything else all night long. 
Here is a long list of the winners for the What Haven't they told me Books (We will not post all 12 screenshots for this one):

1-Danelle said... 37 I follow you on Twitter-Silvrwolve114(Danelle)

2-Kimberly said... 7
I follow you on twitter @Aerated 
3-Amy said... 31 Tweet!

4-Linda Kish said... 1
I'd like a 149 tips booklet  
5-lisad33611 said... 28 I follow you on twitter @My2CentsFL

6-tristatecruisers said... 14 follow via GFC :)

7-Donna said... 50
3.I follow on GFC.
8.-MoMoKG064 said... 5
I follow you on twitter @momo064
9.-Frugal Science Gal said... 20 Follow you on GFC

10-Amber said... 23 I'd like to have "Let's Get Ready For Kindergarten!" for my daughter.

11-Crystal H. said... 33 I want the 149 tips booklet
-Thanks for the giveaway! Cute blog : )

12-katers2714 said... 40 I like the dry erase paddles.

For the 2 winners of the Arm & Hammer Spinbrush MyWay!:

guetf said... 33
I follow on GFC #3 
tristatecruisers said... 53 My son loves to brush his teeth. I'm glad to cause he has a beautiful smile. :)


And finally for the Nailene Nails giveaway:

A Makeup Junkie said... 219
I blogged about this awesome giveaway
 Congrats to ALL winners! All the emails have been sent out and you all have 48 hours to respond to claim your prizes before we redraw for new winners! Thanks for playing and check out our current giveaways!

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