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Friday, August 6, 2010

Surviving the distance: long distance families.

Many of you have likely been affected by the big economic crisis, and if you are like my family, that means being unemployed. My husband is in the construction business and has been doing it about 10 years. The last 2 years he has had minimal amounts of work and it has gotten pretty bad.   I read an article in the May edition of Readers Digest about long distance marriages; families where one parent travels or lives in another area or even state.  One father traveled out of state for work and came home on the weekends. I remember reading it and thinking to myself that it would never work for my family. 

Well not even a week later, my husband got a job offer, finally after months of searcing for a full time job with no results.  The only hitch? It was in North Dakota. We live in Washington state. Thats about 1000 miles away.  I was instantly thinking to myself "how am I going to be here with all 3 kids all alone????" and went into panic mode.  Well we talked and talked for 2 days and finally decided to send him out there the next day with a friend of his also seeking a job out there.  That was 2 weeks a go today. 

My husband had a job the day he got there, and has been working hard since then!! I am proud of him and glad that we are back on track and he is sacrificing alot to take care of our family.  He misses us and we miss him like crazy! The kids kiss his picture every morning and night, and we spend time on the phone as much as possible. The move isn't forever, just as long as he has work available and until he can find something again back home. He is making more money now than he has ever before, and we will be able to buy a new car in a couple months!

So consider the benefits of a long distance marriage, at least temporarily if you or your spouse needs a job and cannot find one anywhere locally.  This saved our family and our house, and it could be the thing that helps you!


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