Frugal Family Fun: Piggy Paint Review!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Piggy Paint Review!

I just love the look of a little girl with her nail all cute and painted up! I wanted to do it when my girls were babies, but was always worried about the constant hands and fingers in the mouth.  How can I know what is in the nail polish? Are my kid's nail polishes safe?  Well the experts at Piggy Paint answered all my questions! They have created a nail polish that is safe and looks beautiful at the same time! The secret? The polishes are water based, so they don't have the nasty chemicals of regular and even some "kids" nail polishes.

Founder Melanie Hurley discovered one day that the kids polish she was using wasn't as safe as she thought when a drop landed on the foam plate she was using and bubbled up, eventually creating a hole in the plate! If that happened to the plate, then what would go into the body of a little girl sucking on her finger? So Melanie ditched the solvent-based polishes and went on a mission to create Piggy Paint!!

You can see in this picture from the Piggy Paint website that the Piggy Paint is clearly the better choice for your little girls nails!  I was totally shocked when I saw this and decided to test out my own kids polishes to see if they were bad as well! Having 3 young girls, and especially since they always seem to have hands near the mouth, I was so relieved to be able to use Piggy Paint on their nails! It is hard to say no to getting glammed up, but I know Piggy Paint is safe enough to use even on a real little one!

We got to try the super pretty Girls Rule polish and the Nail polish remover!
I was impressed that the polish remover actually removed the polish without all the stinky harsh chemicals!  One complaint my husband has about doing nails is the smell! This remover is acetone free and works wonderfully! Piggy Paint has many wonderful and beautiful colors to choose from, so click here to see more and get some pretty paints for your little ones piggies!

Piggy Paint has a special offer to purchase your own Piggy Paint for 10% off!! Use the code:

which expires September 7, 2010 to get your discount!

Piggy Paint provided me with samples to review on my blog. I was not compensated in any other way.  This post is my opinion.  Photos from Piggy Paint.

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