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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

PUJ Baby Sling Review

Up until about Halloween, I had never used a baby sling. I had used other types of carriers but never one that you wrap and wear. They seem kind of insecure to me so I was too nervous to wear one. Then one day I came across PUJ Baby and their amazing baby slings. This looked so secure and comfortable, I had to try one! So when PUJ Baby offered to send me my choice, I was so thrileld!!

I chose the beautiful Heather Go Sling!
I don't have it fully folded down on the shoulder like it should be but I wanted to get this picture on it! I love this sling! I t is really secure, and my little one (she is almost 2) fits in in and it makes it easy to go to the mall or wherever when I can hold her this way and worry more about the older two!  And I love that I can fold it up and throw it in my purse or bag and use it whenever I need to! It is quick and easy to put it on and go!  This sling makes my life so much easier!
Product Description:
Need an extra hand? Maybe you're about to go on vacation and don't want to deal with the stroller at the airport? Or maybe you just need a simple solution for all those quick stops you make here and there.
Whatever the need, PUJ makes parenting easier. With the "Go" sling you're in and out in no time. No straps, no buckles, no zippers and no metal rings. Just throw it over your head and you're good to go. You can even put it on while holding your baby.
Really! It's that easy. And it folds flat so you can easily store it in your bag of tricks. It's there for all the times you weren't planning on stopping. It's comfy, it frees up both hands, and is machine washable. Your baby will love you for it. Plus your arms won't start to burn 7 minutes into your 4 hour red-eye flight to Chicago. The "Go" sling by PUJ.
So simple you'll actually use it.

  • lightweight
  • minimal
  • compact
  • portable
  • modern design
  • machine washable
  • easy on+off
  • no straps or buckles
  • convenient
PUJ is launching the Puj Booti in early 2011 around Feb. sometime. It was just featured in Pregnancy and Newborn Buyer's Guide! The price will be around $32/pair for the symmetrical Booti!:

Puj is also  doing weekly giveaways on their Facebook page. All they have you do is Like the Puj page and you will be notified of the giveaways.

I was not compensated for this review.  I did receive a product to review on my blog. I was not obigated to write a positive review.  Some photos from PUJ


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