Frugal Family Fun: Recipe: Hot Dogs Delicious!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Recipe: Hot Dogs Delicious!

This is a recipe my grandma and my mom made, but I like to add a little twist to it!  This is a great hot dog and sauce and I love to add extra super finely chopped veggies so the kids eat it and don't know what they are getting!! Check it out!:

Cook 1/2 Cup chopped onion in 1 tbsp. hot shortening or oil until tender.  Do not let the onions get brown!!  Now stir in one 14 ounce bottle of ketchup, along with 2 tbsp pickle relish (I prefer 3-4 myself) and 1 tbsp each of sugar and vinegar.  I also like to add in a 1/3 cup each of finely chopped green and red bell peppers and carrots. Heat sauce just until warm, then score hot dogs (1 package) and simmer until hotdogs are completely cooked.  This should be about 10 minutes.  Serve in warm or toasted buns!  

I like to serve this with corn on the cob, which I wash, wrap in tin foil, and bbq or bake in the oven.  This makes the corn amazing and makes a great compliment to the Hot Dogs Delicious!  Add some fruit salad and you have a great meal!


  1. mmm i LOVE hot dogs delicious! and My Mom and Grandma used to make it too...come to think of it, my sister makes it with the additions are my sister :)

  2. Thank you SO much for posting this recipe. I remember my aunt (who was like my second mom) making this all the time. We lost her last month at the age of 88. My cousin and I are going to put together a collection of Lena's Recipes for the family to keep those traditions of food and family going. Happy New Year!

    Chauda in Maine


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