Frugal Family Fun: 10 ideas for incorporating fun and play into your child’s daily activities!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10 ideas for incorporating fun and play into your child’s daily activities!

The new television network, The Hub, launched on October 10, 2010. The Hub is a NEW TV channel for kids and families where great things come TOGETHER! They hope to inspire, entertain, and engage kids, while also bringing families together.  I am all about bringing families together and having fun.  Of course, now that the weather is changing and it's getting colder, you may be running out of ways to keep your  busy kids entertained!!  I am here to share 10 ideas to have fun with your kids every day!! It is important to play with your kids to develop a quality relationship together. Finding new ways to spend time together is a fun and exciting way to bridge the gap between parent and child! You may even find your inner child!! Here are some fun tips:

1) Do a little kitchen art!! Pull out colored macaronis, dried fruit or other colorful, easy to grip pieces of food.  Make faces, designs, patterns or whatever kind of picture you can think of! Take pictures of the art before letting the kids mix it all up to start over! Just save used food in a separate container to be reused for art again, something you won't try to eat or cook later by mistake!!

2) Do yard work together! Get some mini rakes and let the other arts of some of the leaves while you work on other parts of the yard.  They will think it is great fun to rake them up and jump in the piles! Plus doing yard work is a great form of exercise! You will burn calories while you laugh!

3) Get the kids to think cleaning is a game! Seriously! My 22 month old thinks the funnest thing ever is to walk around collecting dirty dishes to bring to me when I do the dishes! If you start them out early, cleaning can be enjoyable for everyone and you can be sure to get it all done!

4) Make cookies for daddy (or mommy)! Kids love to get busy in the kitchen! So let them help mix, mold and roll out cookies to make for the other parent as a surprise! Or they can be taken to a local nursing home, or a friend or relative! Or just make some and eat them together! Don't forget the milk!!

5) Practice reading with your child. No matter what the age, kids love books! Getting a book on their favorite topic or character will make it that much more fun! Your child will enjoy the quality time together and it is fun to watch as they go from being read to, to reading to you!!

6) Go on a tree walk.  Pack up the stroller, grab the dog, and get out there!  Talk about the color changes, the leaves falling to the ground, and the weather that is coing along the way.  This is also a great time to collect leaves for "leaf art"-#7!

7) Collect different leaves to make leaf art! You can put them under a piece of paper and shade over the top with the crayon to get the leaf to show up, or glue different leaves on a paper to make a leaf collage. There are many different ways to get crafty with the leaves! Plus that is a few less you have to rake up later!

8) Let your child help plan the meals for the day! You can even do it restaurant style, by preparing a menu and having the kids play waiter, and ask what everyone would like at dinner. Kids can get really into meal time when they get to help! And they are more likely to eat it if they helped in the process!

9) Spend the day snuggled up watching kids movies.  Let the kids lounge in jammies! Make popcorn, hot cocoa and enjoy cuddle time while the kids are still little. Eventually you will miss these days!

10) And finally, #10.....let them decide what to do!! In reason of course, but if they want to go draw on the sidewalk with chalk, let them. Who cares if its cold, just dress them warm! I remember when I was a kid, it didn't seem cold as long as I was having fun! Use this mind frame when playing with your kids! These times together will create quality, lasting memories with your kids!

About The Hub:

The Hub, a NEW TV channel for kids and families where great things Come TOGETHER!

The Hub will have shows that seamlessly blends play with curiosity. Featuring original animation, live-action series, game shows and specials, The Hub will entertain, enlighten, empower and educate kids and families.

The Hub's schedule is designed to address the viewing needs of the entire family. MORNINGS on The Hub are all about the HubBub block, developed to spark preschooler imaginations and make learning fun. AFTERNOONS and early evenings are Kid's Prime, attracting kids 6 to 12 with clever stories, multidimensional characters and unexpected heroes. PRIME-TIME programming will showcase original and acquired series as well as movies selected for the whole family to enjoy.

More info:

I hope you guys find some of these ideas fun and useful!! Check back for more fun ideas and other posts!!

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