Frugal Family Fun: $10 for an Award-Winning Piggy Bank with a Twist

Monday, October 4, 2010

$10 for an Award-Winning Piggy Bank with a Twist

It's never too early for savvy parents to start building savvy saving skills in their children, and there's no better company to help them do it than Money Savvy Generation. They've developed an arsenal of products and tools that make teaching kids the value of money as simple and fun as playing a computer game, coloring a picture, or reading a bedtime story. Their award-winning 'Money Savvy Kids Club' book series uses engaging stories and colorful illustrations to teach children that there's more they can do with their money than buy Silly Bandz or strawberry bubble gum. Their ever-popular Money Savvy Pig lets kids put theory to practice by providing not one, but four slots on the classic piggy bank, so kids can save, spend, donate and invest their money. It's such a wonderful way to teach children how to budget, make good choices, and set goals; it's no wonder this little piggie has won numerous parenting product awards. Other savvy products include activity books, computer games and organizers. Money Savvy Generation even has lesson plans and workbooks for teachers who want to teach personal finance skills in the classroom.
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