Frugal Family Fun: Pur Water Filter Review!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pur Water Filter Review!

Drinking plenty of water daily is really important, but not always so easy. Especially if you are like me and can't stand the taste of regular tap water!  And trust me, there is a difference! I know, because I have been using the PUR®  3  Stage Horizontal Mount Faucet Water Filter!

This easy to install faucet filter mount is so simple to use and gives great tasting water! To install, simply choose the right faucet mount for your faucet, and then click the filter on! Now you are ready to have fresh filtered water at the turn of a handle! Flip the black switch to the downward position to go from tap to filtered water! The green indicator light lets you know the filter is good and your water is clean! When it turns red, it is time to replace your filter.  Each filter is good for 100 gallons of water!

More info:
With the PUR 3 Stage Horizontal Faucet Water Filter, you’ll get up to 100 gallons of great tasting,clean water that’s filtered over minerals. That’s 2-3 months of clean water right from your faucet—filtered to remove 99% of lead and microbial cysts,* and reduces many other water contaminants like 99% of pharmaceuticals.** 
The PUR 3 Stage Horizontal Faucet Water Filter also offers these great benefits:

  • Provides a continuous stream of clean, filtered water with the flick of a switch
    Refresh with clean drinking water without constantly filling and refilling a pitcher.
  • Sleek, low-profile design installs easily in minutes without tools on standard faucets (will not work with pull-out faucets)
    No tools or complicated instructions required. Just snap it on and drink it up. And you can uninstall with the push of a button, making water filter replacement a breeze.
  • 360-degree swivel feature gives you more room to work when you need it
    Sleek design looks great in any kitchen. 360-degree swivel feature gives you more freedom to use clean, filtered water the way you want.
  • Built-in Electronic Filter Life Indicator simplifies filter replacement
    Each PUR filter provides up to 100 gallons of clean water, and the built-in indicator flashes green, yellow or red so you'll always know when it's time for a replacement filter.
  • High-quality construction provides maximum durability
    Each PUR water filter is designed to be sturdy, and tested in tough kitchen environments to meet the demands of everyday use.
I noticed the difference when the filter went out! The filtered water tastes great, and the tap water...not so much! And drinking filtered water at home saves so much if your family is like mine and lives off bottled water. You can save about $20 a month by using a reusable plastic bottle to drink water on the go as opposed to $5 a case which may last a week, depending on your family and their consumption! You may even be able to save more! And the impact on the environment is dramatically decreased by using the faucet mount. So if you are a family who likes to go green, this is such a great choice! And it is an easy one to make! You and your family are more likely to get water if you know it is filtered. 

I like to drink really icy cold water, so I fill up my reusable bpa free bottles and stick them in the fridge. Then I have water that is ready to drink and the right temperature! This is also a great way to get your little ones to drink more water. Simply fill up mini water bottles, the sippy cup....whatever it may be and stick it in the fridge for quick and easy access! All my children love water and will actually ask for it over milk or juice!

You can purchase your own faucet mount filter at many retail locations or online! Click here to purchase online or to find a retailer near you!

Pur Water gave me a water filter faucet mount to review on my blog. I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions are 100% mine. Photos from Pur Water

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