Frugal Family Fun: Winners of the Vidazorb Probiotics!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Winners of the Vidazorb Probiotics!

Well this giveaway had a little less than the expected out come for this contest, but only 3 people entered so all 3 of them get a bottle of Vidazorb! Congrats to

MoMoKG064 who said...1

I learned that At any given moment, approximately five percent of the total circulating blood is flowing through the capillaries.

Tabathia who said...28

I learned that Probiotics can be helpful in addressing women's urogenital health issues

matt4melis said...31

I learned that "You may begin to notice improvements in areas other than your digestive system. Some notice that the appearance of their skin improves. Others find that they don't have as many colds or flu-like symptoms as they used to."


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