Frugal Family Fun: OraMoist Dry Mouth Patch

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

OraMoist Dry Mouth Patch

OraMoist, the breakthrough treatment for Dry Mouth.

Dry mouth (xerostomia) is an under-diagnosed condition that affects 10% of the U.S. population, and can have a severe effect on oral health, causing tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath due to lack of oral moisture. Dry mouth is a symptom of several medical conditions, such as Sjogren’s Syndrome and diabetes, for example, and is a common side effect of many prescription and over-the-counter medications. In fact, people taking three or more medications have a 60% chance of suffering from dry mouth, making this a more common occurrence in mature adults.

OraMoist Dry Mouth Patches are time released patches that increase moisture in your mouth.  They are sugar and alcohol free, and contain xylitol and enzymes.  They are time released and adhere quickly and easily to the roof of your mouth or inside of your cheek! The mouth patches are long lasting, up to 4 hours!  OraMoist has been specially developed to alleviate parched, dry mouths, moisten the mouth, and improve general oral health.

The dry mouth patches can be used on anyone ages 5 and up, and can be worn inside the soft tissue inside the mouth, like the cheek, for denture wearers or if the top of the mouth just doesn't feel comfortable for you!  It cannot be placed on dentures or appliances.

The OraMoist patch adheres within about 10 seconds, and slowly desolves over 2-4 hours.  It has been reported by some users that the patch has lasted overnight.  When I tried the patch, it immediately made my mouth water like crazy! I couldn't even keep it my mouth very long because it really gets the moisture flowing!  The taste is okay....not terrible, but definitely not tasty!  The point is that they really work, and very well!  You can use these for any time your mouth is dry, and you can't get relief from drinking water or any other methods.

OraMoist Dry Mouth Patch is a revolutionary, time-released, muco-adhesive patch powered by edible natural ingredients. As the patch dissolves over two to four hours, it releases ingredients that help increase saliva production alleviating parched, dry mouth. The increased moisture also helps restore a healthy oral environment, a significant benefit for dry mouth sufferers.

OraMoist Dry Mouth Patch has been clinically proven effective in terms of increased saliva production and improved feeling of moistness. Suggested retail price is $9.99 for a box of 16 patches; available at Rite Aid, Albertson’s LLC and Raley’s, and online at www.oramoist.comThe makers of OraMoist are also offering a limited edition of $3 coupons, good at Rite Aid, . Click here to get yours!

You can try OraMoist yourself! Here is how one of you can win a box of the patches!!:


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  1. Aside on using a dry mouth patch and other dry mouth remedies, it is important that you take a lot of water. When I went to Murrells, Inlet, (SC), dentist referred by my mom and advised me to take a lot of water to maintain the moisture in my mouth.

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