Frugal Family Fun: Cut Resistant Work Gloves

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cut Resistant Work Gloves

In many professions and in our daily lives, we need supplies to get us through. Alot of times that supply is gloves.  And depending on the field you are in, you may need cut resistant gloves.  Magid Gloves offers an array of work gloves, including cut resistant gloves.  There are several different types of cut resistant gloves, and they are made of various materials.  Some include Yellow Kevlar® and LYCRA®,Dyneema® brand high performance polyethylene (HPPE), Spectra® fiber and steel. These gloves will see you through even the toughest jobs, keeping your hands safe!  The materials used on these gloves are lightweight, yet give superior protection.  When constructing the gloves, Magid considers all situations and possibilites.  They also make sure to consider stretching capabilities, rolling fibers and thickness.

It is also really important to be sure that you get the correct fit for your hand. A glove that doesn't fit properly won't give you the  protection you need on the job.  It also can be a distraction or be uncomfortable when you wear a glove that is either too loose or too tight.  Magid works hard to help get you the right glove in the size that fits you best.  They want to  provide their customers with the best gloves that give the most protection, while still being comfortable.  When you are looking for your cut resistant gloves, check out Magid Gloves first! They are sure to be a great fit for any job you may tackle!
I was monetarily compensated for this blog post. The information provided was at the request of the company.


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