Frugal Family Fun: Join Matt Damon and to Bring People Safe Drinking Water

Friday, December 17, 2010

Join Matt Damon and to Bring People Safe Drinking Water

Matt Damon has teamed up with and raising awareness for this incredible cause!!!  The main goals of this campaign are to publicize the mission and make people aware of the magnitude of the unsafe water crisis.  In addition, they hope to emphasize that people have the opportunity to directly contribute to the cause through the CamelBak water bottle initiative that Matt Damon is getting behind as co-founder of

Here are some of the alarming facts about this grave crisis, and you can find more information about the crisis here:

  • Nearly a billion people have no access to clean water and over two and a half billion don’t have proper sanitation
  • Water borne diseases kill 9,000 people every day; one every ten seconds, mostly small children.
  • That’s more lives claimed each year by water related diseases than by guns and wars.
  • Only one in three people in the world have a toilet. More have cell phones.
  • Millions of children miss school. Countless people live without dignity or the chance to lead productive lives. Communities all over the world have no economic opportunity.
  • In many countries, the impact is felt most deeply by women who gather water, care for stricken children, and cope with the ramifications of this life crushing burden.
The water campaign that I mentioned earlier is called “Hope in a Bottle”.  With the help of CamelBak, has developed a limited edition, reusable, environmentally friendly water bottle.  The campaign is running through the holiday season and the bottle can only be purchased at and 100% of the profits go directly to projects around the globe.   

Hope in a Bottle gives you the chance to give a meaningful and original gift for the holidays while giving clean water to someone in need - all in the true spirit of giving.  Everyone who buys a bottle will receive a link that invites them to follow the progress of a community that their purchase is going to help.  I think this is great because you can actually see how your donation is being put to good use! 

Here are more alarming facts:  Are you aware of the  Cholera epidemic in Haiti??  600 people have died already and’s work is vital to preventing further outbreaks. doesn’t just help people, it helps people help themselves, a subtle but important distinction which has led to their phenomenal record on sustainability.

More information on  additional resources visit:


Spread the word on Facebook and Twitter!

On Twitter: Follow @water

Tweet information about @water and the Hope in a Bottle initiative.  They are trying to use the hash tag #givelife with all of the tweets. 

Here are some sample messages for Twitter to help spread the initiative.  They are especially trying to push the first example tweet as it includes our petition we hope to see spread:

  • Help others get clean @water by giving a bottle RT to sign #givelife
  • Give your friends and family a great gift - someone clean water for life. #givelife
  • Help Matt Damon change the world. CamelBak bottle = someone gets safe, clean @water #givelife

Facebook: We encourage you  “Like” their page at:

I received one of the Camelbak water bottles and a card signed by Matt Damon as a thank my efforts. No other compensation took place.


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