Frugal Family Fun: Family Fun For Less This Summer!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Family Fun For Less This Summer!

How can you pass the time this summer? Here are a few inexpensive ideas to pass those hot days!!

-Create your own water park by filling up a small pool in the backyard, putting out the Slip 'N Slide(r) and turning on the sprinklers. Use squirt guns and other spray bottle as water guns. Try games like a water balloon toss, sponge tag or musical sprinkler (like musical chairs, have children dance around until the music stops and then the sprinkler starts and the kids get drenched).

-Create a backyard carnival by setting up stations for old-fashioned games such as a ring toss, a clothespin drop, backyard bowling or potato sack races. Face painting and estimation jars filled with candy (the closest guess without going over wins) also add to the fun. Look for inexpensive prizes at a dollar store. Don't forget concession stands that "sell" carnival food like hot dogs, chips, soda and lemonade.

-Hosting a lemonade or Kool-Aid(r) stand is tons of fun for kids, plus it's a great way to cultivate their entrepreneurial spirit. Hold one in conjunction with a neighborhood garage sale to boost traffic. To teach
the importance of giving, you can even encourage kids to pick a local charity and donate their profits. 

-Sign your kids up for a local summer reading program at the library!  Help them learn the importance of readign!


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