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Monday, April 22, 2013

OraMD Review

~I was provided with a free sample in exchange for an my honest opinion for this review.~
 Oral health is one of my biggest tasks as a mom. I have to take care of my kids teeth as well as my own. There are so many different options to keep your teeth clean. I recently got to try OraMD.  This product is not just to be used as a toothpaste-you can also use it as a mouthwash or to freshen your  breath on the go. I found this to be the most useful option.  I threw it in my purse, and as needed during the day use it to refresh my breath on the go.  OraMD is a natural product, which is really important to me. I don't want questionable ingredients in anything my family uses.  

I really liked how this product helped to keep my teeth really clean.  It gets in between teeth to really clean and kill bacteria.  This is perfect to have on hand to kill oral germs during the day when you can't brush your teeth. I love that its a product of the good ol' USA, and is vegan.  When you use it, your teeth feel clean, polished and beautiful! This is a product you MUST try for yourself!

Visit, makers of OraMD and check out all their great products! And be sure to try out "The Mouth Doctor", OraMD.

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  1. Child normally don't want to clean teeth.I imagine OrMD make it easy.....


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