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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Advocare for Life

So as you may have noticed I have been slacking (to put it mildly) at updating my blog. Life has been crazy with kids, work, home situations and a new business opportunity I have been tackling-Advocare!  Not only have I began selling these AMAZING products, but I have been using them as well! I recently completed a 24 day Challenge and lost 11 lbs. and 16 overall inches in just 24 days!  I am working with a top notch team with a great meal plan and work out routine which makes this healthy lifestyle fool proof! The biggest difference I have seen with Advocare vs. other "weight loss" products/companies is that Advocare is NOT a diet! It's a healthy lifestyle that helps you to achieve your fitness goals! And its not just to lose weight-Advocare has a product, program and price range for EVERYONE!

I am so happy with my results and I am doing another 24 day challenge soon to boost my fitness and weight loss even more! My goal is to feel comfortable in a swim suit this summer and I know I can achieve it!  With Advocare you are never alone- you have a whole team of people to help motivate you, answer your questions and more! We have a great Facebook group where we share our success stories, ask and answer questions and even share healthy recipes! These people are now my "Advocare Family"! 

If you want to lose weight, shape up or make more money, Advocare is for you! Check out and watch the videos and then decide if you are ready to change your life!! You will be so happy you did!!!   Once you check it all out, email me and we will get you ready to go!


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