Frugal Family Fun: Simple changes for the year ahead!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Simple changes for the year ahead!

It's a New Year! That means time for a New You! Or so we all say right? Let's be honest, most of the resolutions we make are usually broken.  We say oh I will diet, I will exercise more, I will do this or that....who are we fooling? You can't make any changes by saying you will do it. You just have to do it! The best way to have success with changes in your lifestyle is to make small changes and stick with them!  I have some great ways to be a better you-and how to stick with it!

Eating healthier doesn't mean you can't eat the things you like.  Eat leaner red meats, and limit them to a few times a week.  Stick with more protein and be sure to include fish!  Look for recipes online that are healthy and try them! You can find really great delicious foods, that are good for you! 

Vegetables are the least favorite food for lots of people, including adults.  But we should make an effort to try different things as our taste buds do change.  Plus if you eat them your kids will too! Try raw veggies with ranch, or putting cheese over broccoli.  I also enjoy making smoothies and sweet treats where you use vegetables.  The taste of the vegetables are masked, but you also get a good serving of the veggies! Win for all! 

Another way to be healthier is to drink more water. Overall, eating better, and drinking plenty of water helps you to be healthier.  An easy way to drink your water is to use a pitcher in the fridge.  This can be a filter pitcher or a juice pitcher. If its cold and easy to access, you are more likely to reach for it! And if you limit or avoid sodas, you are also more likely to reach for water if you are thirsty.  Again, if your kids see you drink water, they will too!

Now as far as fitness goes, it is important to try to exercise at least 3 times a week. Simple things like taking  walk with the kids or dog, using a treadmill or doing a home workout routine help you to be in better shape.  You may think you don't have time, but I imagine in your day you spend at least a half hour or more of some kind of down time.  There are exercises you can do anywhere and they take a small amout of time to do them.  You can even do small exercises throughout the day if you really don't have any time!  And of course, teaming up with a friend will make you more likely to exercise, as you root each other on and hold each other accountable! You can do it!!

One way to feel great and have a good start to the year is to update your wardrobe! Get rid of anything out of style, and anything you haven't worn in over a year.  Chances are you won't wear it ever so why waste precious space?  Then get a few great items of clothing and you will feel fabulous!  Feeling great when you look great always leads to a happier you!

These are just a few of the ways you can change this year without having to do anything extreme!  Whatever changes you have in mind for yourself, just remember to make simple goals that are easy to accomplish.  Saying you will quit drinking coffee is pretty unreasonable for most of us caffeine addicted moms! But you can go less often, which is an easier goal to maintain!  Small steps are easier than big huge ones! Good luck with your new you!!!

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