Frugal Family Fun: The dangers of Candy

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The dangers of Candy

Ok so if you are a mom you are probably always looking out for choking hazards. And that includes the mounds of Halloween candy your kids got from trick or treating. Well I have a story that will make you even more cautious!!

While things like hard candies and lollipops seem like obvious things to be cautious with, have you thought about things like smarties, m&m's, skittles or other SMALL candies? Likely not. I know I didn't!

Friday I was visiting with our family advocate from my daughter's preschool. I told the girls if they behaved they could have candy when we were done. I let them each pick one out. My 4 year old picked out a Reese's PB cup and my 2 1/2 year old chose smarties. (see where this is going yet?)

Well I went to do laundry and came back to my 2 1/2 yr old SCREAMING and saying "My nose My nose!!!" Guess what? She stuck a smartie up there. Yup! OMG I couldn't believe it, especially because only a few days before I was saying how great it was nobody has put anything up there nose yet. After about 15 minutes of having her blow her nose while we waited for daddy to come home to take us to the Dr., the piece of candy came out. I have hardly ever been so scared in my life!

So please let my experience be a warning to all parents: even though it is small enough not to choke on, it could make its way to other parts of the body!! It only took about 2-3 minutes to happen!

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  1. Yikes. Dd hasn't stuck anything up there yet...knock on wood.


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