Frugal Family Fun: Quick Tips to Make Your Home Safer!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Quick Tips to Make Your Home Safer!

When I became a mom, I couldn't have imagined the household accidents and injuries I would encounter.  And there have been many! Even the best of moms cannot prevent some of these everyday occurrences from happening.  But there are simple things you can do that can help your home be (at least a little!) safer!! Here are some I wanted to share with you!:

1) Periodically check chairs for wear or signs of cracking.  By checking the chair to see if it is at risk of breaking, you are saving a sore bottom and maybe even the chair. You may also want to check any loose screws so you don't lose a chair leg! Same goes for tables. Our coffee table had a loose leg, and without checking it out, it would eventually break.

2) Use the right tools for the job.  Make sure you are using a step ladder to get things up high, and that you put it back when you are done.  Using a chair shows your child they can use a chair.  Then they may push a chair to get to the goods you hide up high.  Of course they will probably figure it out anyways, but by showing them and telling them that you only use a ladder, they will know they shouldn't do it.

3) Never leave a burning candle unattended. Not even for a minute.  Doesn't matter where you put it. It seems like common sense, but I'm saying this because I did and literally it took a second. My friend's daughter climbed on the TV stand to get the candle (I'm not sure why, maybe to blow it out) and got hot wax on her. Luckily she was fine. Even though I had it way up high where I thought nobody could reach, kids will find a way to get to what makes them curious.

4) Speaking of things up high.....KEEP YOUR SCISSORS PUT UP!! Again, common sense. But you really need to keep them somewhere the kids will not get them. My 3 year old has cut her hair a few times, and each time she is quick and sneaky.  The last time, I was in the kitchen, she found them after climbing on all sorts of shelves and cut it within the 2-3 minutes I was right around the corner.  Since then I have kept them on top of the fridge, where they cannot get to it, even with a chair.

5) Keep your push pins in a safe place.  Nothing hurts like getting stuck in the foot.  A stray push pin can be painful.  I have a magnetic push pin holder that I keep up, so I can get one when I need it.  By storing them they are less likely to get loose and end up on the floor and in someone's foot.

6) Always have your child wear a helmet when using a bike or scooter.  It doesn't matter if they are right out front. Concrete hurts no matter where you are. Even on training wheels, a child can fall and hurt their head.  If you are biking you should also wear a helmet to show your child that it is important.  You child follows your lead!

7) Check your dryer lint trap.  Inspect it for any cracks or breaks where lint can get through.  Mine was able to be glued together and has held up to all my constant drying.  Lint in your dryer can cause a fire, so it is very important that the lint trap for damage.  Also be sure you have your dryer vented outdoors!

8) If a glass breaks, KEEP THOSE KIDS AWAY!! I remember when I was 8 years old and broke a glass measuring cup. My mom said to stay out while she got the broom and cleaned it. I felt so bad I thought I would help her by picking up the big pieces. I ended up with glass and some stitches in my foot.  Not fun! So if glass breaks, I suggest putting up a baby gate, or even storing a broom in the kitchen so you can get it quick. It literally takes a second for these kinds of accidents to happen. The faster you can get broken glass off the floor the better.

9) Of course you should never leave your baby unattended.  But I also recommend that you don't leave your baby near the edge of the bed even if you are right there. This includes co-sleeping or night time feedings.  If they do fall, they will likely be okay. But if they hit their head on anything it could be painful so be careful to avoid this type of accident.

10) Keep an eye on children playing on or near things they may climb on.  My baby tried to climb on a zebra toy that you can jump on and spin around.  She tried to put her leg over to climb on.  She missed, fell and bit her tongue.  She had played on it before no problem, so we didn't think anything of it.  This wasn't all that preventable.  But by staying close by, especially with toddlers, you may be able to catch them if they do fall!

These tips are pretty common, but sometimes we think we can skip the rules.  That is when an accident is likely to happen! I hope you enjoyed these great safety tips, and you can use them for your own household!!  Hopefully you can avoid some of the accidents I have encountered!  Also check out for more great safety info!

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